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VMS provides mentorship opportunities for recent veterinary school graduates.

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Mentoring confident, effective and productive veterinarians.

At VMS our mission is to mentor small animal veterinarians into confident, high performing clinicians. We provide online, video-based training to new veterinarians covering all the critical topics and skills necessary to become an outstanding clinician and a productive associate.

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Directed mentorship is essential to help new veterinarians develop into confident, effective and productive practitioners. VMS is committed to helping young veterinarians gain confidence and clinical skills through online, video-based mentoring. The VMS platform focuses on problem identification, building differential lists, diagnostic interpretation, treatment plans, and critical client communication to improve clinician confidence and owner compliance.

The VMS program seeks to provide a solution for the common challenges faced when initiating an in-house mentorship program. In some cases, the young clinician may be too hesitant to ask for help when needed. In other instances, they may not recognize an area of weakness before a mistake is made. In contrast, a rigidly structured shadowing mentorship program can place significant strain on the time and productivity of senior clinicians.

Our on-demand video library allows young clinicians to access mentoring and case guidance easily from their phone at any time. The new associate is able to gain valuable skills and knowledge via self-directed training videos thus improving their productivity while their senior mentors are able to spend more time on client interactions. The new associate and senior clinician can then use the videos as a framework for later case discussion as time allows through a busy work schedule.

The next time your organization needs to onboard new veterinarians be sure to consider VMS for their mentoring needs. The new associate will become more confident, productive and better aligned with your organizational goals, while your more senior clinicians are able to continue serving their clients efficiently during the training process.

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