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What is Vet Mentor Solutions?

Directed mentorship is essential to help new veterinarians develop into confident, effective and productive practitioners. VMS is committed to helping young veterinarians gain confidence and clinical skills through online, video-based mentoring. The VMS platform focuses on problem identification, building differential lists, diagnostic interpretation, treatment plans, and critical client communication to improve clinician confidence and owner compliance.


At VMS our mission is to mentor small animal veterinarians into confident, high performing clinicians. We provide online, video-based training to new veterinarians covering all the critical topics and skills necessary to become an outstanding clinician and a productive associate.


“Although not long out of school myself, solid mentorship has been by far the #1 factor in adjusting to the many changes between being a student and being a doctor. School can teach you medicine, but your mentoring shapes you as a clinician…”

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